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Pasture Raised Meat & Eggs

Liberation Farm is a diversified permaculture farm focused on perennial crops and pasture raised animals in Almond, WI. We offer delicious, healthy, and ethically raised meats including chicken, pork, rabbits, and goats, all raised on pasture and fed local, organic feed.

Egg CSA Shares: The egg shares are delivered weekly or every other week to drop sites or can be picked up on the farm and Adelante. You sign up for a 6 month share of eggs at $4.50/dozen. Your payment up front helps share the risk and costs of producing the eggs. In exchange for this investment you get super fresh organic-fed, free range eggs.

Meat CSA Shares: A meat share is 12lbs of a mix of cuts of pork, chicken, rabbit, goat, and 2 dozen eggs. We chose different cuts, large and small, cured, sausage, as well as unadulterated whole chickens. Shares can be picked up at the farmers market, on-farm, or at Adelante once per month. We are working on providing alternative pickup locations in the future.

Whole and partial pigs and goats are available seasonally, typically in September and October. You get a bulk discount when ordering a whole, half, or quarter and get to have it processed to your liking.

Meat by the cut and can be ordered ahead online or by contacting us.