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We source our coffee directly from small-scale farmers in Kenya and Mexico, purchasing large annual or semi-annual quantities during harvest trips. The coffee is grown on sustainable, diverse agroforestry farms where coffee and other crops fit into the seasonal ecological and economic cycles of the area. We pack our coffee in returnable glass canning jars; each time you pick up a new jar you can return your empty for us to sanitize and reuse! Roasted and delivered weekly in central Wisconsin.

In Mexico, small on-farm pulping stations provide a space to separate coffee beans from the fruit. Doing this in the forest farm means more of the coffee pulp gets composted on the farm, boosting natural nutrient cycling in the forest. It also saves time and backbreaking labor that would have been spent hauling coffee fruit into the village to process it.

In Kenya, our partner farmers have been planting more shade and fruit trees in the coffee, which increases biodiversity and improves coffee quality by promoting slower bean growth. They are also implementing new water conservation and erosion control methods to protect their soils, which is motivating more farmers around them to transition to organic farming.