Our Promise


Sustainable, Local Food: Liberation Farm is a diversified mix of perennial food forests, annual gardens, and heritage animals. We raise animals on pasture and feed locally sourced organic feed and hay. Our animals grow slower and spend more time foraging on pasture, which creates more flavorful and healthy meat and eggs.

Our food forests mimic of natural forests but are made up of layers of edible plants including fruits, nuts, flowers, tubers, and herbs. They make great habitat for pollinators, birds, and other wildlife too. We grow a variety of annual fruit and vegetable crops for our own table and for sale, especially a few storage crops like potatoes, squash, garlic, and flour corn.

Direct Trade Coffee: Liberation Coffee is our direct trade coffee CSA and coffee harvest trips to Mexico and Kenya. We travel to our host farmers each year to help pick and process the coffee and take volunteers to help, paying for the coffee a year in advance to give the farmers the capital they need to make investments in their farms. The coffee is grown in forest farms that use organic practices while also supporting diverse food production for our partner farms. We have built friendships with our host farmers over many years of harvest visits and coffee buying.